Please only reach out if you do NOT have the monetary resources to hire a designer at a fair rate. My desire is to make wide-reaching education and awareness accessible for all companies, their personnel, and consumers -- but if you have the means to compensate fairly, please hire a BIPOC person. If you would like to provide me with any kind of compensation, feel free to make a donation to Black Lives Matter

In an effort to help support and raise awareness around the Black Lives Matter movement and Defunding the Police, I am offering free design services — if you support the following guidelines, please reach out and let’s work together!
• My goal is to further the conversation about Black Lives Matter + Defunding the Police
• My criteria is that, instead of this being a collaboration to further brand, name, or business recognition, we can come together to create designs that inform, educate, convert and inspire
• I am requesting that my name and website are not shared or promoted; the sole focus should be on the movement
• I am committed to working with you to create designs for long-term education and resources, and to continue andragogy past when awareness is trendy/trending 

Designs include: Social Media Posts, Web Graphics (business, blogs, personal, etc), Print Graphics (shirts, hats, etc), Email Campaigns, Brochures, Posters, and any other needs you may have in support of education, awareness, resources or ways to help the movement.

I am thoroughly vetting my clientele.
Thank you for your message. I will reach out as soon as possible.
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