Learning with Memorisely

Learning with Memorisely

"It's super important that you begin getting into the habit of writing regularly as a UX/UI Designer." -Memorisely

How has my session of Memorisely not even begun and it's already kicking my ass? Writing?! I am not a writer. I'm a certified over-dramatic individual, but not a writer.

There are two things, both of which relate to one another, that I'm going to mention in this article: Ignoring titles & Memorisely.


“Graphic designer,” “Product designer,” “Digital Designer,” “UX/UI Designer” to name a few...

Back at university, I had a small life crisis when I suddenly thought I had made a huge mistake and no longer wanted to be a graphic designer (a few years after graduation I even tried quitting). As it turns out, I just didn’t want to fit into someone else’s definition of what a graphic designer is, I still don’t.

As a human being, I always want to be learning. I reject the idea that “I’m a graphic designer who wants to further my education” and, instead, my mindset is: “I’m Jasmine and I want to learn more about UX/UI.”


I started reaching out to people about UX/UI back in 2017, some I still keep in touch with. One of my contacts sent me one of Zander’s reels on instagram and I gave his account a follow.

In all honesty, I hadn’t really thought much about it.

I was on autopilot. Every account someone told me about, every account that was sent to me, I’d follow it. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a new thing I started doing as I typically follow through on recommendations sent to me. But Memorisely stood out.


1. Memorisely is live

Why is this important? All it takes is one google search, one instagram “sponsored” ad, one other recommendation for you to see that a live UX/UI bootcamp is uncommon. Being able to discuss and learn from others is what I miss most about university. I love asking people questions and receiving feedback, and this offered a type of setting where I could do just that.

2. Organized

I would hope I don’t have to explain why this is important, but I’m going to anyway: I am not an organized human. I’m hella organized at my job, both past and present. However, if someone took a look at my chaotic life, they would not consider me an organized person.

It is absolutely vital to be organized as a designer.

In my experience, it’s been a make or break in terms of job offers, presentation breakdowns, and basic communication. If we can’t communicate most effectively with clients/employers/coworkers, how would anything ever get done?! Organization is key.

3. Community

My “9-5 job” has a super strong community aspect to it as well. I’ve seen firsthand how beneficial this is from both a business standpoint and an individual one. I love communal aspects to groups/fields/interests I’m a part of, but even if you’re someone who doesn’t personally find value in a community, it’s hard to deny that it can be incredibly profitable and overall mutually beneficial from a business standpoint.

I am so excited to start Memorisely in July because Memorisely doesn’t make me feel like I’m just a graphic designer who is furthering their career. Memorisely honestly makes me feel like I’m an individual who wants to learn more about UX/UI. It’s taken so many years for me to feel comfortable with the good and bad stigmas that others place on you when you say you’re a designer. I’ve finally realized that I get to decide what kind of designer I’m going to be. Am I going to have a massive ego? Am I going to be bashful? Am I going to be completely awful and uncaring? Hopefully none of the above. The beauty is I get to decide.

Have you ever struggled with a career crisis? I would love to chat more about it and see how everything connects.


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